Refund Policy

The WOWRestro Refund Policy

Our TOP Priority is Client Satisfaction

We’d never want to see you go, but if you’re not happy, please request a refund within 14 days
of purchase and we’ll refund your purchase.

First, please let us help you resolve your problems

We ask you to submit a support request to our highly skilled support team before you request for a refund. Access to our highly skilled and quick-responding support team is a part of your purchase.

Perhaps you realised that the plugin you purchased isn’t what you expected or needed. Or something didn’t work as per your expectations. We understand that this kind of things happens.

We try our best to describe details about all our products in as much detail as possible but our Demos, Documentation and Extension pages. If you are having any type of issue related to any item you have purchased, we request you to first submit a support request to provide solutions/resolutions for your problem or queries you might have.

At WOWRestro, our customers come first, which is why we want you to be completely satisfied with any add on or service you purchase from us. Before requesting a refund, please give us the opportunity to answer any question or concern and to assist you in resolving any problems you might have. Click here to contact us.

If, unfortunately, the Add on you purchased does not meet your needs, we offer you a 14-days refund period but you will only get the amount of the addon not the transaction fee/charges that was charged during the purchase. Simply contact us by replying to the purchase email you received when you placed your order or via our contact form. Please make sure to provide us with a clear explanation of why you are not satisfied and one of our support staff will respond to you. No refund requests will be accepted after 14 days from the date of purchase.

If you purchased additional services, such as custom development or personal support, and you are not satisfied, we request the opportunity to discuss your concerns and to resolve any problem. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, however, we do reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to issue a refund for any services you may have purchased.

We request you to follow the process of requesting a refund, or inquire about any unrecognized charges, before issuing a chargeback request with your bank. We reserve our right to dispute chargebacks, if the disputed charge is not fraudulent and you did not follow the process or there is no evident communication from you (the license holder) regarding a request for a refund.

Of course, 99% of users never
have to look at this page

We pride ourselves on our customer support and high-quality products. We’ll bend over
backward to help you, truly. Even if that means providing a refund. We’re committed to
making your experience with RestroPress a pleasure at all times.