Delivery Fees

Make your marketplace
payment system smoother

Requirements: WordPress 5.3, PHP 5.7,
Woocommerce 6.0
Current Version: 1.0

Delivery Fees extension helps you to set your delivery zone based on radius or postcodes/zip. You can easily charge customers a delivery fee based on a specific delivery zone.

Here are some of the usage of this extension

  • Allows you to set your delivery zone based on the radius(distance from your store) or zip/postal codes.
  • It integrates with GOOGLE MAPS for capturing the accurate address of the customer and find out the distance of the customer from the store.
  • You can easily attach a delivery fee for a specific distance or zip/postal codes.
  • You can also offer free delivery if the total order amount is above a specific amount set by you on the admin.
  • Automatically restricts the delivery to the distance/zip/postcodes not added to the system.
  • Restrict zip/postal codes range using the wildcard character(*). Eg. if you want to restrict all zip which starts with 606 then you can add 606* and it will apply the rule to all zip/postal code which has 606 in the beginning.

This add-on works with both zip codes and postal codes also it supports wild card zip/postal code support.



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